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We make it easy for you to share your watch collection. Additionally, this site is an attempt to preserve the history of a watch from owner to owner.

Hands-On: the Bravur Team Heritage Collection

I didn’t learn how to drive a car until I was 25 years old. This was partially motivated by the same frugality that draws me to budget watches, but mostly because bikes offered fun and freedom that cars simply couldn’t compete with. Whether running a quick errand as fast as my legs could carry me […] The post Hands-On: the Bravur Team Heritage Collection appeared first on Worn & Wound.
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Bottom Time: The Important Lessons I’ve Learned While Diving With Over 200 Watches

Old friend and dive expert Jason Heaton shares some underwater wisdom.
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Editorial – An Analysis of a Struggling Watch Market, New and Secondary, for the First Half of 2024 (But it’s not all bad)

Following three consecutive record years for the watch industry in 2021, 2022 and 2023, recovering from a complex situation in 2020 due to the pandemic, the watch industry in 2024 is not sending the same positive signs. Pessimistic notes in brands and groups’ financial reports, contraction of prices on the secondary market, ambient morosity, increasing […]
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[VIDEO] Twin Peaks: How Zach Weiss and Zach Kazan Use their Peak Design Everyday Backpacks

Back in February, Kat Shoulders and Zach Kazan emptied their tech pouches onscreen, in a video that showed you how each of them packs for a trip to the office. Today, the next logical step: Zach Weiss and Zach Kazan are emptying out their backpacks. But whereas our tech pouch video featured two very different […] The post [VIDEO] Twin Peaks: How Zach Weiss and Zach Kazan Use their Peak Design Everyday Backpacks appeared first on Worn & Wound.
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Introducing: MB&F The Minimilians. A Small Token of Gratitude to The Tribe.

Introducing MB&F The Milimilians a bunch of collectible, alien-like creatures with heads modeled after our Horological and Legacy Machines. There’s Minimilian Frog with its pop-out eyes, Minimilian Thunderbolt with those aviation vibes, and Minimilian Aquapod with its chubby round face. Since kicking off in 2005, MB&F has rolled out over 20 different calibres in about 30 distinct case shapes, and now each one has its matching figurine. And yes, their name is a nod to a well-known member of the MB&F team.
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